Humax 4tune Digital TV Set Top Box Recorder 1TB HDD

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4 Tuners

4 integrated tuners allow you to record 4 different networks and stream 2 live channels to mobile devices while watching a recording.

Pause and Rewind Live TV
Pause, rewind Live TV or even record what you’ve been watching.


Through HbbTV 1.5, you can access all catch up services available.
Press [RED] button on the remote control to get connected to catch up server.



New Guide

New generation of TV Guide enables you to channel-surf and find favourite programmes with easier control.
You can now watch live TV, go back to the past, play back recordings, and find programmes direct from the TV Guide.



Setting Up Recordings

Set up reminders, recordings or series recording with various options to suit your preferences.



TV Apps

Expand your entertainment through HUMAX TV Apps. Get on to TV Apps and enjoy catch-up services, Video On Demand, YouTube and much more.

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