Uniden Guardian App Cam Solo Bullet Kit

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The Weatherproof* App Cam Solo bullet is part of popular App Cam Solo wire-free camera range, and includes improved functionality, such as Thermo Sense Technology, Built in rechargeable batteries and solar power panel connection for an uninterrupted power supply.

With a Bullet style design, the App Cam Solo bullet can be placed anywhere outside of the home to keep watch at any angle. With Thermo Sense Technology which is a smart heat sensor that detects motion from heat sources, such as people, to avoid common false alarm triggers like curtains or branches moving with the breeze. It provides users with more reliable motion detection notifications when using the free-to-download Uniden app.

Key Features

100% Wirefree Full HD 1080P Smart Security Camera

Thermo Sense Heat & Movement Sensor Detection

Includes Solar Panel for Non-Stop Power

SD Card Backup & 7 Days Cloud Backup

DIY Simple Installation


Two-Way Talk & Siren Alert

Remote Viewing

Customised Voice Recorded Alerts For Motion Detection

Works With Google Assistant

24/7 Support 

*IP65 Weatherproof is defined as no ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight) and Water projected in jets (6.3mm nozzle) against the enclosure of the camera from any direction shall have no harmful effects.
# WiFi range (Distance) is all dependent from your routers capability which will affect your network coverage. If you need to extend your network coverage many third party range extenders are available which improve distance and eliminates black spots. Range performance is affected by factors such as: full brick walls, tin roofs & large or multi-story houses.
† Ensure solar panel is directed at sunlight. Different weather conditions in Australia and New Zealand can affect the rate of charge to the battery.

Minimum Network Bandwidth Requirements: For optimal performance of the smartphone app we advise a minimum network bandwidth of 4Mbps for Full HD [1080] live stream, 2 Mbps for HD [720] live stream and 0.8Mbps for 352P live stream. If these bandwidth requirements are not met the live stream My not connect and will not be viewable on your smartphone.
Motion Detection: Motion Detection can be triggered by the PIR sensor in the camera. The PIR sensor only detects objects with heat up to 10 metres away and in the line of sight. At night, or in the darkness, monitor motion detection sensitivity is not as effective as in daylight hours, as it relies on night vision capabilities.

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