5A 24V-12V DC-DC Converter with USB Charge

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For those with a 24V vehicle such as a truck or bus, finding accessories like chargers and power supplies that run off 24V can be near impossible. This handy device solves that problem by converting 24VDC to 12VDC so that you can use normal car accessories designed for 12V vehicles. Connection couldn’t be easier, with a cigarette lighter plug for 24V input and a cigarette lighter socket for the 12V output. Maximum rated current is 5A, which is enough for most modest car chargers and power supplies. Two 2.4A USB ports are also included to charge Smartphones, Tablets, and other USB powered devices. It has a noise filter built in, and safety features include fuse protection, over-voltage, and current limiting.


- Converts 24V to 12V
- Dual USB Ports
- Built-in noise filter

Max. Output Current: 5A (Cigarette Socket), 2.4A (USB)
Continuous Current: 4A (Cigarette Socket), 2A (USB)
No Load Input Current: ≤ 50mA
Line Regulation: 0.1%
Load Regulation: 0.02%
Output Ripple Noise: 100mV (RMS)
Efficiency: Over 85%
Input Connection: Cigarette Plug with 1m Cable
Input Fuse: 5A Glass Fuse

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