Wireless 5.8GHz AV Sender/Receiver with wideband IR Extender FOXTEL IQ2

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The latest in our range of AV senders. Will allow you to send your pay TV reception (or any other video source) to any part of the house. Includes a wideband IR remote control extender so it will cope with even the fussiest remote controls. 5.8GHz transmission frequency ensures freedom from wireless network interference. Includes power supplies, AV cables and extension IR LED.


•   Video: Composite or S-video

•   Audio: Stereo RCA

•   Output Level: 13dBm

•   Operating Frequency: 5790, 5828, 5847, 5866MHz

•   Effective Range: 60m clear line of sight

•   Power: 12VDC 250mA

IR Transmitter/Receiver

•   Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz

•   IR Carrier Frequency: 38/56kHz Selectable


Simultaneous viewing of video programs on a 2nd TV/monitor without wires. 

Wireless transmission of Hi-Fi stereo to any active speaker. 

Remote monitoring of live video from a camcorder or CCD camera. 

Local area broadcasting of audio/video programs for multiple viewers even in different rooms

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